Saturday, August 8, 2009

It all started when Bubba moved into an apartment with two other girls in Copenhagen. She and My kept each other company by singing and playing music (so tender that the neighbors never seemed to be bothered). When the third girl moved out - not because of the music, but to get a bigger place for her and her snakes - Mia moved in. She plays various instruments, but is an organ master if you will. And one could say the curry is a bit hotter now, but the nice people in their hallway seem to enjoy this sweet trio, even if rehearsals take place in the girls' kitchen before breakfast or after midnight.

 One night, during one of their first shows last summer, an Italian cafĂ© owner was biking through Copenhagen. He heard their singing, was intrigued and followed it ‘til he found them, and after the concert he told the girls they had to come and play at his place. One thing led to another and then another. And then some. One year later, back from a magical Italy tour, My Bubba & Mi are on a quick summer break to make arrangements for their first album. Soon they will be back in the peaceful vineyards to record. Until then all their time is spent fondling banjos and listening through windows, dreaming of barn houses and prohibition days; all dreams that will land on their record. When spring comes all of Europe will sleep with their melodies soft in their ears, and sleep good, as they tour the first continent after releasing.

 My Bubba and Mi are signed with the Italian indie label we were never being boring collective, and soon more. 

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